Powerful Vibration Measurement in one simple meter


Hand-Arm Vibration

Measure and limit exposure to dangerous hand-arm vibration levels in accordance with ISO 5349:2001.

VEXO Vibration Meter

Machine Vibration

Monitor mechanical vibration levels from machinery and idustrial processes for accurate maintenance monitoring.

Keeping your workforce safe and your costs down

Excessive use of power tools can lead to serious health problems. Hand arm vibration sydrome (HAVS) is serious and often permanent damage to nerve endings, vibration white finger and numbness. This can easily be prevented by measuring exposure to vibration levels.

Maintenance condition monitoring and fault diagnosis is a powerful way to prevent serious damage to machinery particularly rotating machinery and bearing housings. Regular checks on vibration levels in machinery will prevent bigger repair costs later on.

Vibration measurement isn't difficult but understanding your requirements with regards to law and legislation can change over time. We run a series of free seminars to help teach you the basics and give free advice on vibration meters. Click Here for More >